Hyundai Tucson: Body Electrical System

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Body Electrical System


 General Information

 General Troubleshooting

Information Before Troubleshooting Check applicable fuses in the appropriate fuse/relay box. Using the battery checker (MCR-570 KIT), check the battery for damage, state of charge, and clean and tight connections. (Refer to Engine Elect

 Handling Wires and Harnesses

Secure wires and wire harnesses to the frame with their respective wire ties at the designated locations. Remove clips carefully; don't damage their locks (A). Slip pliers (A) under the clip base and through the hole at an ang


 Power Tailgate Module - Component Location

Buzzer Tailgate open switch (Crsah pad lower switch) Fob key Spindle Drive (2EA) Tailgate inner switch Power Latch PTG Control Module Tailgate Inner Switch Failure Inspection Diagnosis with diagnostic tool In the body elec

 How does the air bags system operate?

The SRS consists of the following components: Driver's front air bag module Passenger's front air bag module Side air bag modules  Curtain air bag modules Retractor pre-tensioner  Air bag warning light SRS contr