Hyundai Tucson: IBU Diagnosis With Diagnostic Tool

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Body Electrical System / Integrated Body Control Unit (IBU) / IBU Diagnosis With Diagnostic Tool

  1. In the body electrical system, failure can be quickly diagnosed by using the vehicle diagnostic system.

(1) Fault Code Searching : Checking failure and code number (DTC)

(2) Data Analysis : Checking the system input/output data state

(3) Actuation test: Checking the system operation condition

(4) S/W Management: Controlling other features including system option setting and zero point adjustment

  1. If diagnose the vehicle by diagnostic tool, select "DTC Analysis" and "Vehicle".

  1. If check current status, select the "Data Analysis" and "Car model".

  1. Select the 'IBU_BCM' to search the current state of the input/output data.

IMS (Integrated Memory)


     IMS (Integrated Memory)

    Description The optimal seat position set by the driver is memorized into the power seat unit by using IMS switch. In case of the position change, the seat can restore its preset position by IMS switch. It has safety functions of restoring

     Fuel Filler Door

    Component Location Fuel filler door release actuator Inspection Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the fuel filler housing after opening the fuel filler door. (Refer to Body - "Fuel Filler Door") Dis

     Seat Electrical


     Function Of Safety Power Window

    Operation When driver door power window auto-up switch is operated, safety function is activated. Safety function condition When detect the force of 100N (using the lON/mm spring) during the window rising, window is reversed. Length

     Fuel Pressure Control Valve (FPCV)

    Description Installed on the high pressure fuel pump, the Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve controls the fuel amount flowing into the injectors in accordance with the ECM signal calculated based on various engine conditions. Specification