Hyundai Tucson: Operation for each function of button starting

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Body Electrical System / Button Engine Start System / Operation for each function of button starting

  1. Electric power ON / Ignition ON
  • The electric power state changes within the range of OFF ->ACC->IGN->OFF by pressing the button without stepping on the brake (Or with stepping on the brake) inside the car with FOB key (However. When the gear is not in P. the power repeatedly changes between ACC and IGN. Converting to OFF is impossible.)
  • The ignition is on when the button is pressed with stepping on the brake at P/N position with FOB key.

  1. Electric power OFF/ Ignition OFF
  • The ignition OFF is possible in the state of vehicle stop. (The ignition OFF state is possible regardless of the ATM lever position.)
  • The lever shall be shifted for parking in gear N by pressing the ATM lever release button after electric power off in P.

  1. How to off the ignition forcibly and to restart during driving
  • I t is a method of forcibly turning off ignition in case of fuel leakage when the vehicle is overturned or of emergency (e.g.

    failure in accelerator pedal return)

  • The engine is off and returned to the ACC state when the button is pressed for 2 seconds and more than 3 times successively within 3 seconds during driving. The restarting is available for next 30 seconds regardless of FOB key and the electric power is changed through OFF -> ACC->IGN-"OFF by pressing the button without stepping on the brake (or with stepping on the brake) inside the car with FOB key. (However, when it is not in P position. ACC<->IGN is repeated. The conversion to OFF is impossible.)

  1. State of start button indicator (LED) ON depending on the electric power state.
  • Electric power OFF : LED OFF
  • Electric power ACC state : Yellow LED ON
  • Electric power ON : Blue LED ON
  • During cranking : Maintaining the previous LED ON state before cranking
  • Starting ON state : LED OFF

System Main Function

  • Switching of ACC / IGN1 / IGN2 terminals.
  • Control of the STARTER relay BAT line (high side) based on communication with EMS ECU.
  • Management of the Immobilizer function.
  • Management of BES warning function.


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