Hyundai Tucson: Smart Key System

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Body Electrical System / Smart Key System

Component Location (1)

  1. Integrated body control unit (IBU)
  2. Interior antenna 2
  3. Door outside handle
  4. Interior antenna 1
  5. Front antenna
  6. Buzzer
  7. Door antenna

Component Location (2)

  1. Tailgate antenna
  2. Rear bumper antenna
  3. Tailgate open switch


Smart Key Unit (IBU)

Smart Key (FOB Key)

Smart Key (FOB Key)



Smart Key System - Inspection


 Smart Key System - Inspection

Self Diagnosis With Scan Tool It will be able to diagnose defects of SMART KEY system with diagnostic tool quickly, diagnostic tool can operates actuator forcefully, input/output value monitoring and self diagnosis. The following three feature

 Smart Key Code Saving

Smart Connect the DLC cable of diagnostic tool to the data link connector (16 pins) in driver side crash pad lower panel, turn the power on diagnostic tool. Select the 'S/W Management' and 'Car model'. Select the

 Interior  Antenna

Interior 1 Antenna Take care not to scratch the crash pad and related parts. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the ecall unit. (Refer to Emergency Call system - "Emergency Call (eCall) Unit") Remove the inter


 Remote Control Switch

Components Left Remote Control Switch (Audio) Right Remote Control Switch (Cruise) Schematic Diagrams Audio + B/Tooth+Voice+TRIP+SCC+MSLA+LFA Audio + B/Tooth+Voice+TRIP+SCC+MSLA+LFA+Paddle Shift Inspection Check for resis


Tire Under Inflation / Leak Warning. Turn on condition When tire pressure is below allowed threshold When rapid leak is detected by the sensor. Indicates that tire needs to be re-inflated to placard pressure / repaired.