Hyundai Tucson: Horn

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Body Electrical System / Horn

Component Location

  1. Horn switch
  2. Horn relay
  3. Horn (Low pitch)
  4. Horn (High pitch)
  5. Clock spring


  1. Remove the front bumper assembly.

    (Refer to Body - "Front Bumper Assembly")

  2. Remove the bolts and disconnect the horn connectors (C), then remove the high pitch horn (B) and low pitch horn (A).



  1. Install the horns after connecting the horn connectors.
  2. Install the front bumper cover.


Horn Relay Inspection

  1. Remove the horn relay (A) from the engine room relay box.
  2. There should be continuity between the No.30 and No.87 terminals when power and ground are connected to the No.85 and No.86 terminals.
  3. There should be no continuity between the No.30 and No.87 terminals when power is disconnected.

AVN System


     AVN System

    Description AVN system The AVN system has improved information search and easiness of manipulation for the driver by simplifying the system operation experience and unifying the display of the user information such as multimedia and car infor

     Emergency Call System

    Description Emergency Call (eCall) When an accident occurs or the user's request is detected, it notifies the call center of the vehicle status using the wireless network so that the center can provide necessary emergency service. Em

     Configuration of eCall Controller

    Input button & Indicator SOS button : Press the button to place a call to the call center. LED indicator lamp : The red and green LEDs turn on for 3 seconds after the ACC is on and stay turned off in standby until the key is turned off


     Ignition System - Description

    The ignition coil is a kind of small transformer that transforms the battery voltage to 30 kV or more to create a spark in the spark plug gap in the cylinder. The igniter embedded in the ignition coil includes the power transistor and it is a

     Function Of Safety Power Window

    Operation When driver door power window auto-up switch is operated, safety function is activated. Safety function condition When detect the force of 100N (using the lON/mm spring) during the window rising, window is reversed. Length