Hyundai Tucson: Cooling System

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Cooling System


 Engine Overheat/ Troubleshooting

Components Water pipe Water hose Integrated thermal management module (ITM) Heater pipe Turbo charger coolant hose Heater hose Heater pipe A Heater pipe A gasket Oil cooler hose A Oil cooler pipe Oil cooler hose B Water

 Replacement and Air Bleeding

WARNING Never remove the reservoir tank cap when the engine is hot. Serious scalding could be caused by hot fluid under high pressure escaping from the radiator. WARNING When pouring engine coolant, be sure to shut the relay box lid and n

 Cooling Fan Assembly

Components Cooling fan Fan motor Cooling fan shroud Cooling Fan Assembly Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the radiator. (Refer to Cooling System - "Radiator") Remove the cooling fan (A) from the rad


 DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) System (SBW)- Installation

Installation To install, reverse the removal procedure. WARNING Matters that require attention when installing the dual clutch transmission (DCT) to engine l)Check the pilot bearing (B) and external damper (A) 011 the side of engine for

 IMT System Actuator- Replacement

iMT system actuator fluid - when fluid suction tool is available Remove the air cleaner assembly and the air duct. (Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Air Cleaner") Remove the reservoir cap (A) and drain the imt system actuator