Hyundai Tucson: Starting System

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Engine Electrical System / Starting System


 Starting System- Description

The starting system includes the battery, starter, solenoid switch, ignition switch, ignition lock switch, connection wires and the battery cable. When the ignition key is turned to the start position, current flows and energizes the starter

 Engine Mechanical System - Removal

Removal Turn the ignition switch OFF and disconnect the battery (-) terminal. Remove the air cleaner assembly. (Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Air Cleaner") Remove the engine room under cover. (Refer to Engine Mechanic

 Engine Mechanical System - Installation

Installation Install in the reverse order of removal. Disassembly Remove the M-terminal nut (A) on the magnetic switch assembly (B). After loosening the screws (A), remove the magnetic switch assembly. Remove the throug


 When Using the CVVD fixture

When installing the CVVD assembly mounting bolts (M6), tighten sequence shown. Tightening torque : 1ST 4.9 - 6.9 N.m (0.5 - 0.7 kgf.m, 3.6 - 5.1 lb-ft) 2nd 9.8 - 11.8 N.m (1.0 - 1.2 kgf.m, 7.2 - 8.7 lb-ft) Remove the CVVD fixture

 Head Lamp Aiming

Instructions Alternately turn the adjusting gear to adjust the head lamp aiming. If beam-setting equipment is not available, proceed as follows: Draw vertical lines (Vertical lines passing through respective head lamp centers) and a horizo