Hyundai Tucson: Air Conditioning System

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) / Air Conditioning System


 Air Conditioning System - Instructions (R- 134a)

When Handling Refrigerant R-134a liquid refrigerant is highly volatile. A drop on the skin of your hand could result in localized frostbite. When handling the refrigerant, be sure to wear gloves. It is standard practice to wear goggles or

 Air Conditioning System - Instructions (R- 1234yf)

WARNING The R-1234yf liquid refrigerant is a flammable gas. The gas reduces oxygen available for breathing and causes asphyxiation in high concentrations. The victim will not realize that he/she is suffocating. Inhalation may cause ce

 Refrigeration Cycle

Engine Room Compressor Service port (Low pressure) A/C pressure transducer (APT) Service port (High pressure) Suction & Liquid pipe assembly Expansion valve cover Interior Auto defogging sensor Photo sensor PM s


 Timing System - Installation

Keep the liquid gasket sealing surfaces (timing chain cover, cylinder head, cam carrier, cylinder block, lower crankcase) free from foreign matters, cured sealant, oil, dust, moisture and etc. Spray the cleaner on the sealing surface and

 Front Suspension System- Removal

Removal WARNING When lifting a vehicle using a lift, be careful not to damage the lower parts of the vehicle (floor under cover, fuel filter, fuel tank, canister). (Refer to General Information - "Lift Point") Loosen the front w