Hyundai Tucson: Coupling Assembly- Installation

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Wheel Drive (4WD) System / Coupling Assembly / Coupling Assembly- Installation

  1. To install, reverse the removal procedures.


  • Smear the splines (A) with molybdenum type high pressure grease.
  • When install the coupling, be careful not to damage the oil seal (B).
  1. After replacing the coupling, reset the 4WD ECU's clutch learing using the diagnostic tool.

    (Refer to 4WD Control System - "Repair procedures")


The 4WD ECM controls the Pump Motor Pump (Actuator) to generating an oil pressure. The pressure engages a multiple disk clutch to transfer torque to the rear wheels. The torque to the rear wheels varies according to the pressure on the clutch.

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram




If you have trouble code related to the oil hydraulic motor (actuator), check oil hydraulic motor (acmator) according to the inspection process.


     Oil Hydraulic Motor (Actuator) Inspection Procedure

    Removal Remove the coupling assembly. (Refer to 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) System - "Direct Electro Hydraulic Actuator Coupling") Keep going perpendicular state after remove the coupling assembly. WARNING Keep going perpend

     Measuring the resistance of the pressure sensor

    Turn ignition switch OFF. Disconnect the pressure sensor connector. Measure resistance between sensor terminal and terminal. Check the measured resistance. (Refer to table) Table 1 Removal Remove the coupling assembly. (Refer to

     Measuring the resistance of the pressure sensor- Adjustment

    Adjustment Description The friction material inside the coupling will degrade over time. Therefore, corresponding compensation values must be referenced and entered after replacing the controller or the coupling. Compensation Requirement and Pr


     Fuel Filler Door

    Component Location Fuel filler door release actuator Inspection Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. Remove the fuel filler housing after opening the fuel filler door. (Refer to Body - "Fuel Filler Door") Dis


    Driver's door power window switch Front passenger's door power window switch Rear door (left) power window switch Rear door (right) power window switch Window opening and closing Automatic power window* Power window lock switch