Hyundai Tucson: Tires_Wheels - Installation

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Suspension System / Tires_Wheels / Tires_Wheels - Installation


  1. Apply tire soap or lubrication to the top and bottom tire beads.


When changing the wheel, do not reuse the snap-in type TPMS sensor.

  1. To fit the bottom bead, position the valve at the 5 o'clock position relative to the machine.

  1. Place the tire on the rim so the bottom bead touches the edge of the rim after the valve (6 o'clock). Rotate the rim clockwise, and push down on the tire at the 3 o'clock position to fit bottom bead.

  1. After bottom bead is on tire, rotate the rim until the valve is at the 5 o'clock position relative to the head on the tire changing machine. Push down 011 the tire at the 3 o'clock position and rotate the rim clockwise to fit the top bead.

  1. Inflate the tire until both beads seat.

Recommended Tire pressure : 240 kPa (35 psi)



17 inch (7.0J X 17) 18 inch (7.5J X 18)

18 inch (7.5J X 18) 19 inch (7.5J X 19)

19 inch (7.5J X 19) 19 inch (7.5 J X 19)

19 inch (7.5 J X 19) Tires_Wheels- Removal


     Tires_Wheels- Removal

    Remove the rear wheel and tire (A). WARNING Be careful not to damage the hub bolts when removing the rear wheel and tire (A). Front Rear Installation Install the rear wheel and tire (A). Front Rear Tighten the hub nuts

     Run out inspection

    Jack up the vehicle. Measure the wheel Run-out by using a dial indicator as illustration below. If measured value exceeds the standard value, replace the wheel. Adjustment When using a commercially available computerizedwhee

     Tire Pressure Monitoring System


     Rear seat belt rectrator

    Components Location Rear seat belt rectrator RH Rear seat belt rectrator LH Replacement WARNING When installing the belt, make sure not to damage the retractor. Remove the luggage side trim. (Refer to Trunk Trim - "Luggage S

     Mode control actuator

    Components Location Mode control actuator Inspection Turn the ignition switch OFF. Disconnect the mode control actuator connector. Verify that the mode control actuator operates to the defrost mode when connecting 12V to termina