Hyundai Tucson: The DCT system-Adjustment

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) System / DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) System (SBC) / The DCT system-Adjustment



  • If you replaced the dual clutch assembly or clutch actuator, be sure to perform wear compensation by referring to the following table. If the rod length is less than 52 mm (2.0472 in.), replace all
  • If the rod length is less than 52 mm (2.0472 in.), replace all of the dual clutch assembly, clutch actuator, and engagement bearing.

Initializing the rod length (When only the dual clutch assembly is replaced or Both dual clutch assembly and clutch acmator is replaced)


  • Be sure to perform it when you have replaced the dual clutch assembly but reuse the clutch acmator.
  • Perform the procedure when both the dual clutch assembly and clutch acmator are replaced.
  • It is performed to adjust the rod length of an old clutch acmator to that of a new clutch actuator.
  1. Remove the clutch acmator assembly.

(Refer to C lutch Actuator & TCM Assembly - "Removal")

  1.  Remove sealing rubber (A) from old part clutch acmator.

  1. Slightly pull the rod of the clutch actuator removed from the vehicle and measure length of each rod (C). If the length is shorter than the initialization length, you need to perform initialization.

Rod length (C): Length from the reference plane (A) to the end of the rod (B).

( Iuitializ rod length : 79.0 - 80.0 mm (3.1102 - 3.1496 in.)

1)Clutch actuator 1

2)Clutch acmator 2

  1. Press the end part of rod (A) and release the pressing force when you see the nut bump (B).



  • Light inside of the hole (C) and check the nut bump (B) inside of it.
  • Repeat the operation if the nut bump (B) does not come down to the assembly hole position.
  • The nut bump (B) can be moved up a little by sealing boot if the pressing force is released.
  1. Insert a special tool (0K430-Q5300) (A) to a sealing rubber hole.

    Rotate the SST counter-clockwise and adjust the length of the clutch acUiator's rod.

Increasing (+) rod length : Rotate counter-clockwise / once +0.25mm (+0.0098 in.)

Shortening (-) rod length : Rotate clockwise / once -0.25mm (-0.0098 in.)



Perform the same procedure for the opposite side rod.


  • Be aware not to break the clutch acmator caused by break away inner parts when the SST over rotates clockwise.
  • If the rod length is not initialized to 79.0 - 80.0 mm (3.1102 - 3.1496 in.) during initialization of wear compensation, DCT shift shock may occur or driving may be impossible.
  1. Slightly pull the rod of the clutch acmator and check whether the "length of the rod which the final adjustment is finished" is same with the "rod's initialized length".

Rod length ( C ) : Length from the reference plane (A) to the end of the rod (B).

( Iuitializ rod length : 79.0 - 80.0 mm (3.1102 - 3.1496 in.)

1)Clutch acmator 1

2)Clutch actuator 2

  1. Install the sealing rubber (A).

  1. Remove the clutch actuator assembly from the special tool (0K430-Q5300).


  • Gear actuator uses signals from TCM to control the gear.


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