Hyundai Tucson: Parking Brake Adjustment

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Brake System / Parking Brake System / Parking Brake Adjustment


After disassembling/assembling the caliper body or replacing the caliper, parking brake cable or brake disc, re-adjust the parking brake.

  1. Remove the floor console assembly.

    (Refer to Body - "Floor Console Assembly")

  2. For the brake pad to locate on the normal operation position, depress the brake pedal halfway several times until the brake pedal gains resistance.
  3. Release the parking brake lever completely so that the parking brake cable is loosened.
  4. Adjust the parking brake lever stroke by turning adjusting nut (A).

5 - 7 clicks (Pull the lever with 196N (20 kgf, 44 lbf))

  1. Tension the parking brake cable by tightening the adjusting nut, until the operating levers on both calipers lift from the stop, up to a distance of (A) and (D) between operating lever (B) and stopper (C).

Distance (A + D) : Max. 3 mm (0.12 in)

  1. Release the parking brake lever fully, and check that parking brakes do not drag when the rear wheels are turned. Readjust if necessary.
  2. Make sure that the parking brakes are fully applied when the parking brake lever is pulled up fully.
  3. Install the floor console assembly.

    (Refer to Body - "Floor Console Assembly")


     Lever Type

    Removal Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. Release the parking brake. Remove the floor console assembly. (Refer to Body - "Floor Console Assembly") Remove the cable retainer and remove the parking brake cable (A). WAR

     Pedal Type

    Front cable Disconnect the (-) batteiy terminal. Release the parking brake. Remove the crash pad lower panel. (Refer to Body - "Crash Pad Lower Panel") Remove the Integrated Central Control Unit (ICU). (Refer to Body Elect

     Main Function

    Static Braking Mode The operation and the cancellation at the stop condition of the vehicle (1) The operation condition: Pull the EPB switch irrespective of the brake pedal pressed condition. (Pull). The Vehicle speed <= 3kph (2


     Cylinder Block/ Disassembly/ Inspection/ Reassembly

    WARNING Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces. To avoid damage, unplug the wiring connectors carefully while holding the connector portion. WARNING Mark all wiring connector and hoses to avoid misconnection. To releas

     Brake Tube Engine Room

    Components Removal WARNING Be careful not to damage the parts located under the vehicle (floor under cover, fuel filter, fuel tank and canister) when raising the vehicle using the lift. (Refer to General Information - "Lift and Su