Hyundai Tucson: Interior features

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Owner's Manual / Convenient features / Interior features


 Cup holder

Cups or small beverages cups may be placed in the cup holders. WARNING Avoid abrupt starting and braking when the cup holder is in use to prevent spilling your drink. If hot liquid spills, you could be burned. Such a burn to the drive

 Power outlet

The power outlet is designed to provide power for mobile telephones or other devices designed to operate with vehicle electrical systems. The devices should draw less than 180 watts with the engine running. WARNING Avoid electrical shocks.

 Wireless smart phone charging system

[A] : Indicator light, [B] : Charging pad On certain models, the vehicle comes equipped with a wireless smart phone charger. The system is available when all doors are closed, and when the Engine Start/ Stop button is in the ON (or START)


 When Using the CVVD fixture/ When not using the CVVD fixture

When Using the CVVD fixture (1) Install the CVVD fixture (A) over the CVVD assembly. (2) Remove the CVVD assembly. When not using the CVVD fixture (3) Remove the CVVD assembly. Remove the Intake CVVT (A). Remove the

 On-vehicle- Inspection

Inspect ignition coil assembly and Perform spark test Check for DTCs. WARNING If a DTC is present, perform troubleshooting in accordance with the procedure for that DTC. (Refer to DTC guide) Check if sparks occur. Without diagnost