Hyundai Tucson: Front View Camera System - Variant Coding

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) / Front View Camera System / Front View Camera System - Variant Coding

Components Location

  1. Front camera
  2. Speaker (Cluster)

Variant Coding


When you need variant coding:

  • Replace Front View Camera with a new one

* EOL Variant Coding and calibration required for new replacement

Front View Camera Variant Coding

Front view camera variant coding makes it possible to operate functions for each vehicle type. If the variant coding differs from the vehicle specification, the "variant coding error" DTC is displayed.

  1. Procedure for coding variants

(1) You should read the specification information for the front view camera that is installed in the vehicle before replacing it with a new front view camera.

(2) Connect the cable of Diagnostic tool to the data link connector in driver side crash pad lower panel, and Uirn on the Diagnostic tool.

(3) Select the 'S/W Management' and 'Car model'.

(4) Select "System Identification".

(4) Select "System Identification".

(5) Select "Variant Coding".

(5) Select "Variant Coding".

(6) Enter the value of the specification read in procedure(4) in the new

(6) Enter the value of the specification read in procedure(4) in the new front view camera.

Service Point Calibration (SPC)

When you need calibration:

  • Front view camera is removed and mounted
  • Replace front view camera with a new one
  • Windshield glass changed
  • Front view camera coupler of the windshield glass is deformed

Service Point Calibration (SPC)

The following section describes how to calibrate front view camera system using a diagnostic instrument

SPC Calibration

Front View Camera System - Removal


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