Hyundai Tucson: Exterior features

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Owner's Manual / Convenient features / Exterior features



Opening the hood Park the vehicle and set the parking brake. Pull the release lever to unlatch the hood. The hood should pop open slightly. Go to the front of the vehicle, raise the hood slightly, push up the secondary l


Opening the liftgate Make sure the vehicle is in P (Park) and set the parking brake. Then do one of the following: Unlock all doors with the Door Unlock button on your remote key or smart key. Press the liftgate handle button and o

 Power liftgate

The power liftgate open/close button automatically opens and closes the liftgate. Before using the power liftgate The power liftgate operates when the gear is in P (Park) with the Engine Start/ Stop button in the ON position. However, the lift


 Clutch Cover And Disc- Installation

Apply grease on a disc spline part and transaxle input shaft spline part as required. Specified grease : CASMOLY L9508 Amount: 0.1 - 0.2g Gasoline 2.0 MPI / Gasoline 1.6 T-GDI 0.1 - 0.3g Diesel 1.6 TCI Possible problems when not followin

 Brake Booster - Removal

Components Reservoir cap Reservoir Brake booster Master cylinder Push rod Removal Turm ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. Remove the battery. (Refer to Engine Electrical System - "Batter