Hyundai Tucson: Specifications

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / General Information / Specifications

Tightening Torques

Tightening Torques

Special Service Tools

Special Service Tools

Tool (Number and name)/ Illustration/  Use

  • Valve spring compressor (09222-3K000) Valve spring compressor adapter (09222-3K100)/  of the intake / exhaust/ Removal and installation of the intake / exhaust valve spring and retainer lock
  • Valve stem seal installer (09222-2B100)/ stem seal/ Installation of the valve stem seal
  • Oil pan remover (09215-3C000)/ Crankshaft front oil/ Removal of oil pan
  • Crankshaft front oil seal installer (0K231-2C200)/ crankshaft front oil seal/ Installation of the crankshaft front oil seal
  • Crankshaft rear oil seal installer (09231-2B200) Handle (09231-H1100)/ crankshaft rear oil seal/ Installation of the crankshaft rear oil seal
  • Ring gear stopper (09231-3N100) (09231-2B100)/ of crankshaft damper/ Removal and installation of crankshaft damper pulley bolt


     Engine Mechanical System

     Cooling System

     Engine Overheat/ Troubleshooting

    Components Water pipe Water hose Integrated thermal management module (ITM) Heater pipe Turbo charger coolant hose Heater hose Heater pipe A Heater pipe A gasket Oil cooler hose A Oil cooler pipe Oil cooler hose B Water


     Smart Key System

    Component Location (1) Integrated body control unit (IBU) Interior antenna 2 Door outside handle Interior antenna 1 Front antenna Buzzer Door antenna Component Location (2) Tailgate antenna Rear bumper antenna T

     Front Suspension System- Replacement

    Replacement WARNING When lifting a vehicle using a lift, be careful not to damage the lower parts of the vehicle (floor under cover, fuel filter, fuel tank, canister). (Refer to General Information - "Lift Point") Loosen the fro