Hyundai Tucson: Tail Gate Window Glass

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Workshop Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Tail Gate Window Glass


 Tail Gate Window Glass - Removal

Removal WARNING Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries. WARNING Use seat covers to avoid damaging any surfaces. Remove the tailgate trim. (Refer to Tail Gate - "Tail Gate Trim") Remove the rear spoiler. (Refer to Body Side

 Tail Gate Window Glass - Installtion

Using a cutting knife (A), remove the remaining sealant (B) on the body panel. Apply the body primer to the bonding surface of body panel. WARNING Be careful not to touch the surface covered with the primer because touching

 Quarter Fixed Glass

Components Quarter fixed glass Removal WARNING When removing with a flat-tip screwdriver or remover, wrap protective tape around the tools to prevent damage to components. Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries. WARNING Tak


 Rear seat cushion assembly

Component Location Rear seat cushion assembly Replacement WARNING Put on gloves to protect your hands. WARNING Take care not to bend or scratch the rear seat assembly. Remove the rear seat cushion assembly. (Refer to Rear Seat -

 On-vehicle- Inspection

Inspect ignition coil assembly and Perform spark test Check for DTCs. WARNING If a DTC is present, perform troubleshooting in accordance with the procedure for that DTC. (Refer to DTC guide) Check if sparks occur. Without diagnost