Hyundai Tucson: Automatic transmission

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Automatic transmission


 Automatic transmission operation

[A] : Shift lever, [B] : Shift release button, [C] : Manual shift mode Depress the brake pedal and press the Shift release button while moving the shift lever. Press the Shift release button while moving the shift lever. The shift lever

 LCD display message (button type)

*The actual message may differ from the following LCD display message. *The application of the following message may vary according to the vehicle model. Shifting conditions not met. Reduce speed, then shift The warning message appears on the

 Paddle shifter (Manual shift mode)

The paddle shifter is available when the shift lever/button is in the D (Drive) position or the manual shift mode. With the shift lever/button in the D position The paddle shifter will operate when the vehicle speed is more than 6mph. Pu


 Emission control system

The emission control system of your vehicle is covered by a written limited warranty. Please see the warranty information contained in the Service Passport in your vehicle. Your vehicle is equipped with an emission control system to meet all

 Button Engine Start System

Description The System offers the following features : Changing the state of engine ignition and power by using the start button. Controlling external relays for ACC / IGN1 / IGN2 terminal switching and STARTER, without use of mechanical