Hyundai Tucson: Integrated memory system

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Owner's Manual / Convenient features / Integrated memory system

The IMS, or Integrated Memory System,

The IMS, or Integrated Memory System, for the driver's seat is equipped on some models. This feature allows the driver to store and recall the following position settings with a simple button operation:

  • Driver's seat position


Never attempt to operate the integrated memory system while the vehicle is moving.

This could result in loss of control, and an accident causing death, serious injury, or property damage.


  • If the battery is disconnected, the memory settings will be erased.
  • If the Integrated Memory System does not operate normally, we recommend that you have the system inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

Storing memory positions

  1. Make sure that the vehicle is in the ON position and the vehicle drives below 1.86mph.
  2.  Adjust the driver's seat to the desired fore/aft position, seat height, and reclining position.
  3.  Press the SET button. The system will beep once and notify you 'Press button to save settings' on the cluster LCD display.
  4. Press one of the memory buttons (1 or 2) within 4 seconds. The system will beep twice when the memory has been successfully stored.
  5. 'Driver 1 (or 2) settings saved' will appear on the cluster LCD display. The message appears only for the driver's seat position memory setting.

Recalling memory positions

  1. Make sure that the vehicle is in the ON position and the gear selector is in P (Park).
  2. Press the desired button (1 or 2). The system will beep once and the driver's seat position and side view mirror position will be automatically adjusted to the stored positions.
  3.  'Driver 1 (or 2) settings applied' will appear on the cluster LCD display.


  • Note that while the memory settings are being recalled, if you press the SET button or the corresponding IMS memory button (1 or 2) for which the settings are being recalled, the IMS will temporarily deactivate. If you select the alternate IMS memory button (1 or 2), the IMS will activate according to the settings of the alternate button.

    For example, if you press the SET button or the number 1 button with the number 1 setting in operation, the IMS will temporarily deactivate.

    If you press the number 2 button, then the IMS memory settings according to number 2 will activate.

  • If you adjust the driver seat settings while the IMS is recalling the stored positions, the memory settings will not be applied.

Resetting the system

Follow the below procedures to reset the Integrated Memory System (IMS) if it is not operating properly:

Resetting the Integrated Memory System (IMS)

  1. Make sure that the vehicle is in Park (P) and the engine is ON. Open the driver's door.
  2. Adjust the driver's seat and seatback angle to the most forward positions.
  3. Press the SET button and push forward the driver's seat movement switch over 2 seconds simultaneously.

While resetting integrated memory system

  1. Resetting starts with a notification sound.
  2. The driver's seat and seatback is adjusted to the rearward position with the notification sound.
  3. The driver's seat and seatback is re-adjusted to the default position (central position) with the notification sound.

However, in the following cases, the resetting procedure and the notification sound may stop.

  • The memory button is pressed.
  • The seat control switch is operated.
  • The gear is shifted out of P (Park).
  • The driving speed exceeds 2 mph (3km/h).
  • The driver's door is closed.


  • While integrated memory system is being reset, if the resetting and notification sound stops incompletely, restart the resetting procedure again.
  • Before performing the IMS memory reset operation, make sure there are no objects on or around the driver's seat.

Seat Easy Access Operation (if equipped)

The system will move the driver's seat automatically as follows:

Vehicles equipped with Driver's Power Seat and Smart Key

  • The driver's seat will move rearward when the Engine Start/Stop button is pressed to turn the engine OFF.
  •  The driver's seat will move forward when the Engine Start/Stop button is pressed to the ACC or engine START position.

Note that Seat Easy Access operation may be limited when the driver's seat position setting is already close to the maximum rearward travel position.

You can enable or disable the Seat Easy Access feature in the User Settings menu on the LCD display or the navigation infotainment screen on some models.

'Convenience → Seat Easy Access → Off/ Normal/Extended'.

For more details, refer to "LCD Display" In chapter 4.


The driver should be aware and be cautious to avoid injury or damage when using this feature if there are objects or passengers in the driver's side rear seat or seat floor.

In case of emergency or to stop movement of the front seat when the Seat Easy Access is operating, press the SET button or any of the driver's seat control switches.


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