Hyundai Tucson: Wiper blades

Hyundai Tucson - Fourth generation (NX4) - (2020-2023) - Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Wiper blades

Blade inspection

Contamination of either the windshield or the wiper blades with foreign matter can reduce the effectiveness of the windshield wipers.

Common sources of contamination are insects, tree sap, and hot wax treatments used by some commercial car washes. If the blades are not wiping properly, clean both the window and the blades with a good cleaner or mild detergent, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.


To prevent damage to the wiper blades, arms or other components, do not:

  • Use gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, or other solvents on or near them.
  • Attempt to move the wipers manually.
  •  Use non-specified wiper blades.


Commercial hot waxes applied by automatic car washes have been known to make the windshield difficult to clean.


Wiper blades are consumable items.

Normal wear of the wipers may not be covered by your vehicle warranty.

Blade replacement

When the wipers no longer clean adequately, the blades may be worn or cracked, and require replacement.


To prevent damage to the wiper arms or other components, do not attempt to move the wipers manually.


The use of a non-specified wiper blade could result in wiper malfunction and failure.


  • In order to prevent damage to the hood and the wiper arms, the wiper arms should only be lifted when in the top wiping position.
  • Always return the wiper arms to the windshield before driving.

Front windshield wiper service positions

This vehicle has a

This vehicle has a "hidden" wiper design which means that the wipers cannot be lifted when they are in their bottom resting position.

  1. Within 20 seconds of turning off the engine, lift and hold the wiper lever up to the MIST (or down to the V) position for about 2 seconds until the wipers move to the top wipe position.
  2.  At this time you can lift the wipers off the windshield.
  3.  Gently put the wipers back down onto the windshield.
  4.  Turn the wipers to any ON position to return the wipers to the bottom resting position.

Type A

  1. Lift up the wiper blade clip. Then lift up the wiper blade.
  2. While pushing the lock (1), pull down the wiper blade (2).

  1. Remove the wiper blade from the wiper arm.
  2. Install a new wiper blade assembly in the reverse order of removal.
  3. Return the wiper arm on the windshield.

Type B

  1. Raise the wiper arm.

  1. Lift up the wiper blade clip. Then pull down the blade assembly and remove it.

  1. Install the new blade assembly in the reverse order of removal.
  2.  Return the wiper arm on the windshield.

Rear window wiper blade replacement

Move the rear wiper to the bottom middle part, and lift up the wiper arm.

Pull the wiper blade to remove it.

  1. Within 20 seconds after the vehicle ignition is OFF, pull down the wiper lever to MIST position for over 2 seconds until the wiper moves down to the bottom middle part.

  1. Raise the wiper arm.

  1. Lift up the wiper blade, and pull it out.

  1. Install the new blade assembly by inserting the center part into the slot in the wiper arm until it clicks into place.

    If the replacement is complete, put down the wiper arm to place it on the rear windshield, and turn the vehicle ignition to ON and operate the wipers to check the blade is installed correctly.

  2. Make sure the blade assembly is installed firmly by trying to pull it slightly.

To prevent damage to the wiper arms or other components, we recommend that the wiper blade be replaced by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


If the wiper arm receives too much force while pulling the blade, the center part may be damaged.


  • The wiper could not operate for approx. 10 seconds when the wiper is operated without washer fluid or the blades are frozen. This is not a malfunction, it is a wiper protection system activated by motor overload circuit within the wiper motor.
  • The front windshield should be cleaned with water hose and wiped with clean towel with wiper blades raised up. Also, the wiper blades should be wiped clean when the grease or wax is applied to the blades.



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